Welcome and Intro

Welcome to our Work Catalyst Course!

the Coronavirus pandemic has upended much of life as we knew it, including work. We really wanted to help you with the challenges that you're facing in this time of extreme disruption and change, so we asked our community what was most challenging.

Our Pandemic Work survey uncovered 5 key themes, so we created this course to help you overcome them.

In fact, though, all five modules in this course are going to help you, no matter what your work situation is because these are skills that you can bring in any workplace to help create more resilient and more human workplaces.

Blue Rebel Works' mission is to help make work awesome, so that all of the things that we're teaching in this course are things that we help clients with every day on a deeper level.

So, in each module of the course you'll find some video explainers tips and tactics to try tips from pros and organizations that are thriving through this time, and some printable tools that you can use to get started. Plus, we've created some super catalyst options. If you want to go deeper in a topic and partner directly with me and my team to help you develop the skills and competencies you're learning about in the course.

As you go along. All I ask is that you please comment, let me know what's working, what's not working, what you want more or less of, and what you're really finding challenging, so that I can continue to serve and support you and helping to make more.

In the upcoming days and weeks, you'll gain exclusive access to 5 modules:

  • How to Make Flexible Work Work
  • Intro to Emotional Intelligence
  • Communication and Meetings in a Remote World
  • How to Build Trust and Psychological Safety
  • Getting Intentional About Culture

Each module will include video, practical tips, and at least one tool to help you put the learning into action.

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